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The Antique Quilt Display Rack
Display and Store up to Six Quilts on this Stylish Rack

IMPORTANT TURNING TIP: Extra care must be taken when forming the tenons on the ends of your legs. These tenons must be exactly 3/4" in diameter to fit into the mating holes on the Top Caps (C) and Bases (A). If you mess up and remove too much stock (resulting in a tenon that's less than 3/4" in diameter), you can often correct this by hand-planing a 1/2" wide shaving of straight-grained hardwood about 3" long. Then, glue and wrap the shaving around your tenon and allow it to dry for about 24 hours. At this point, you can either re-turn your tenon or simply sand down the shavings carefully until the tenon fits snugly into your hole.

Assembling and Finishing
The only remaining pieces to be made are the Stretchers (D). In our case, they're simply 1" diameter oak dowel rods, cut off to a 30" length.

The final step is assembly. Begin by dry-fitting all the parts together just to be sure everything fits properly (see the exploded view drawing). If everything fits as it should, disassemble, then glue and clamp the components together, being sure to check each step for squareness as you go. Be sure to use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess glue as you go so your stain coats evenly.

Depending on the type of wood you decide to use, you may want to use a sanding sealer before you apply your final finish. This will seal and make all surfaces uniform, helping you achieve the even-looking stain coverage you want. When the sealer has dried thoroughly, lightly sand everything with 400-grit or finer sandpaper. Use a tack cloth to remove and dust, then apply your choice of finish. We used a clear oil finish to bring out the rich red color of our oak Rack.



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